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1 Crypto scam el Lun Abr 23, 2018 1:32 pm

Philippe Ballesio, one of the biggest frauds in the United Kingdom and France, currently lives in England, where he spends his day on the net with different aliases promoting a series of fake websites that do not have the slightest of permits to market, makes with the intention of building a good reputation, to enhance the qualities and benefits offered by their businesses, although this person has many complaints about their practices and scams, as well as others who report sexual harassment to several women from different regions . With all the modesty, said to be a businessman and faithful to his accomplice, Mrs. Rosalie Lai Ballesio, who has become the partner of each of his robberies, is responsible for erasing all traces of evidence in each one of the scams made. He is an international thief who has swindled a large list of people online.
Philippe Ballesio owns companies like, which claims to be runners with an excellent reputation and sufficient potential to strengthen finances, but it is through this company that he has done his biggest scam. None of its companies has authorization to administer funds, sell cryptocurrencies, establish currency transactions, even for the official sale of gold, silver and assets, which they offer. Despite this, he used his fraudulent websites to steal, using fake users to convince others to invest. The French Authority of Financial Markets (AMF) has repeatedly warned Philippe Ballesio and has even issued warnings against Rosalie Lai Ballesio.
Be very careful because the sites where the companies related to Philippe Ballesio operate as and that act as intermediaries do not have permits to operate, nor the authorization to establish themselves in the market, do not have an MT4 license. or MT5. Your scam technique is to offer accounts with a minimum deposit of 5 BTC through these platforms, in others ask for a little more, (and use a Sociate Generale account to raise funds, here I present the QR code, of that account for check it); the innocent client decides to invest and transfer his money, the next day, the account is blocked and all the funds remain at 0, they assure that it is a virus that left all the accounts blank, but it is not like that. All they do is transfer the money to an account that is in the name of Philippe Ballesio or Rosalie Lai Ballesio and, sometimes, it is a false account of one of their fraudulent companies. The sale of PAMM accounts is also part of their scams menu.


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